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Home Behind Gameplay Walkthrough

TPP Studio’s Home Behind has managed to find a sizable audience on Steam after it released on Valve’s digital distribution platform. Gamers have been clamoring to pick a digital copy of the roguelike survival game, with many players tempted to see what life is like as a struggling and desperate refugee. There are also some video guides available to walk you through the gameplay.

YouTuber SiuNemo has a six hour walkthrough for Home Behind, covering the game and the many different locations that you’ll visit throughout the game. You can check it out below, as it features various types of battle encounters, crafting, survival tactics and resource management.

At the start of the game you’ll choose the starting stats for your character, what he’s good at and what sort of bonuses he’ll hit the ground with. After choosing the basics players will get the short cinematic, showing the rebels coming into town, attacking the family that eventually splits up the trio, with the main character’s daughter getting separated from him.

Players are thrust into the desert some time after, where they have a cart full of supplies and get a basic tutorial on how to play the game, including scavenging, crafting and staying alive.

Home Behind is played like a mobile point-and-click game. As the main character walks around, players will click on items with the mouse, collecting useful supplies and interacting with nearby objects.

As showcased in the video above, players can choose when to travel and when to hold up and get their bearings.

It’s possible to equip weapons, utilities and other crafting necessities, each with their own unique set of stats. Obviously, some items will be more useful than others.

The combat is handled with the left and right mouse buttons. As attacks are successfully stacked up, players will eventually be able to unleash a powerful rage attack to do critical damage on an enemy. If the enemy is an animal then it can result in gathering up their meat, which can then be used for food.

Depending on your job classification will also depend on how you can scavenge items from certain areas. When you reach an area that can be scavenged, numbers will appear by each icon – if you’re good at farming and agriculture, you’ll have more turns (and a higher chance) at being able to gather up food. If you focus on construction and forestry you might be able to gather up resources like wood, which can then be used to craft new items.

Home Behind

As players travel through the game it’s possible to encounter different locations, and areas. One thing to keep in mind is that sleeping as a means of trying to restore health does not work so great. It’s easy to contract diseases and illnesses while out and about, so probably best to stock up on healing supplies and travel to a town as quickly as possible.

Another thing to watch out for is sandstorms. Usually it’s best to sleep during sandstorms because if you try to travel or fight during a sandstorm you’ll just keep missing your attacks.

If you have empty bottles, you’ll want to fill them up at an oasis or a lake if you manage to come across them. One of the best things to do is fill up all your bottles of water and then drink all of the water. Proceed to refill the bottles again so that you have a fresh, full supply of water. This will prevent you from losing a lot of life due to dehydration.

Home Behind

After gathering enough crafting material you can build or cook certain items if you have the right ingredients. Simply make sure that the resources are available in your inventory and then click on the item in the right menu and proceed to click on the hand and hammer icon to craft the item. The necessary ingredients for crafting will show up in some or all of the four slots below the center crafting slot for the item. They made it where the crafting system is fairly easy to get the hang of, and for the most part you’ll simply need to scavenge for the right supplies to build better gear.

Also, given that this is a roguelike, it should go without saying that you should save the game often once you find yourself in a relatively safe place, because things can turn sour real quick.

You can see the final segments of the gameplay courtesy of Trevor from, who shows the sad journey that wraps up the game’s somber ending.

The game isn’t quite the tale of surviving as a refugee as some people might be expecting, but it’s about as close as gamers will get to that experience until a more experienced development studio gets their hands on the subject matter and really goes all out with it. Given today’s political climate, don’t expect to see a realistic refugee simulator on digital shelves in the West anytime soon.

You can settle with Home Behind for now. However, the game is only available in Chinese at the moment. TPP Studio has plans on providing an English translation soon. You can learn more about the game or grab a copy by hitting up the Steam store.

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