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1710600cookie-checkHow Anita Sarkeesian saved Dishonored 2

How Anita Sarkeesian saved Dishonored 2

“I was one of some voices that were very critical of [the first] Dishonored,” Sarkeesian said. “While it was a really impressive game, it wasn’t so good to women. So, it was such a treat to see Dishonored 2 come out and you can play as Emily, the marketing was Emily… and it was very clear that there was at least some kind of internal conversation that happened internally around that.”

Smith said that Sarkeesian’s criticism of the first Dishonored made him defensive at first, but played a role in the way Arkane approached the way it wrote the women of Dishonored 2.

“Your comment,” Smith said. “Which I will always remember and I’ll take it to my grave is … ‘While Dishonored is a game that does many things very well, the roles it has for women are very narrow.'”

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