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How To Farm Exotic Engrams With Three Of Coins In Destiny’s April Update

What use to be known as the “Exotic Engram glitch” is now back, but not quite the same as it was, nor is it a glitch. To properly name this farming method that grants more Exotic Engrams would probably fall under the category of an exploit — exploiting the boss Draksis Winter Kell and the Three of Coins, to be exact. This works on the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4, and doesn’t land you with any bans for doing so.

We already know the purpose of the Three of Coins and what to use them for, however there is a method that allows you to farm Exotic Engrams quickly, although there might be other ways to do it fast and just as effective.

According to YouTuber CBSKing757, if you head to the end of the mission of Scourge of Winter (Ishtar Sink, Venus), located in the Wintership Simiks-Fel, you will eventually face the boss Draksis Winter Kell. This is where the trick to getting more Exotic Engrams step in. After getting Kell’s life low using any weapon of your choice and using the Three of Coins, you will then need to kill both yourself and Kell with any Rocket Launcher.

In case folks missed out on how the whole thing started, you can watch CBSKing757‘s older first video on how to do the glitch, although it doesn’t work now after the April update.

Now that you know where to do the new version of the exploit, you can check out his follow-up video after the April update that heightens your chance of getting more Exotic Engrams, as seen below.

Looking over the comment section of his latest video, another player wanted to know how he deals with the cool-down with the Three of Coins. He responded with his own personal preference and how he can get multiple exotic engrams in which you can see below.

“I pop them back to back.. I’ll kill him like 10 or 15 times then back out and go do other stuff and come back if I need more. Out of 15 three of coins, I prolly get between 3 and 4 exotics.. That only takes me like 15 min. Not bad for me.”

Again, you are doing the mission legit and not illegitimately, meaning that no bans will be dished out for doing this. All that you are doing is using the death sequence to grant you another shot at killing Kell so that you can use the Three of Coins to increase your chances of obtaining more Exotic Engrams, which can apply to any other boss you find easy to farm Exotics from.

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