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1417020cookie-checkI Am The Hero, Beat’em Up Fighting Game Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

I Am The Hero, Beat’em Up Fighting Game Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

Seeking to get through the voting stage of Steam Greenlight is Crazy Ant’s fighting game I Am The Hero. Rocking the classic beat’em up genre like Streets of Rage (or Bare Knuckle) and many other classics during the 1990’s, Crazy Ant has a familiar yet different game to offer to folks that enjoy pixel fighting games.

I have to admit that this game looks pretty sick to be made by a small indie team, which says a lot seeing that it comes from Steam Greenlight. Another thing worth noting is that it follows Streets of Rage’s footsteps quite well in terms of beating up foes and streamlining the combat.

Of course if you don’t play like a pro you’ll get knocked around a lot and will end up dying, but I do like how the game has the mechanics and set up for folks to link combos together and perform some swift devastating moves. Unlike some games where you are proud to get a small number of combos, this game allows folks to get up a 60 hit combo and higher, which results in most enemies dying.

The devs recently updated the Greenlight page for I Am The Hero, and shows yet another video among the other existing videos. You can check out the first video that stands as the official Greenlight trailer thanks to the devs YouTube channel, which is followed by the new video that shows actual gameplay.

If the devs can polish the game up a little more and make it feel a little bit more lively like Streets of Rage, then I think they’ll be on the right track with I Am The Hero.

If you want to learn more about the beat’em up game, you can head on over to the devs official website. If you feel like supporting this game you can hit up Steam Greenlight.

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