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Infinity Wars: Reborn Exits From Beta And Launches On Steam

While a bunch of gamers playing on Xbox and PlayStation and those who are still loyal to Nintendo have to wait until 2017 and beyond to get their hands on a lot of cool new games, PC gamers have been enjoying a wide swathe of new titles across an equally wide spectrum of genres all throughout the year, this is clearly evident with the release of the animated trading card game from Lightmare Studios, Infinity Wars: Reborn.

The company recently announced that they’ve finally come out of beta and launched Infinity Wars: Reborn, an upgraded and improved version over the original 2014 release.

They put out a trailer a while back to showcase what was updated and improved for the December re-release.

The game managed to gather up quite the loyal following due to its alternative take on the TCG genre, as pointed out by Ian Underwood, the lead designer on Infinity Wars: Reborn at Lightmare Studios, who mentioned in the press release…

“After years of fine-tuning, adding new content and collecting feedback from the dedicated trading-card game community, Infinity Wars: Reborn is ready to offer a one-of-a-kind experience for both newcomers and seasoned players alike,”

A lot of gamers compare Infinity Wars: Reborn to Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering. The main difference is that they say there’s a really good learning curve that makes it harder to play than Hearthstone but easier to get into than Magic: The Gathering.

The real hook for Infinity Wars – opposite of its card combat counterparts – is that the combat is actually animated, so that you can enjoy the encounters a heck of a lot more than usual.

You can pick up a digital copy of Infinity Wars: Reborn right now for free. During the Reborn relaunch there are a couple of bundle packs that have been discounted by 40% off the normal price. You can check out the game or learn more by visiting the Steam store page.

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