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1418570cookie-checkInside Is Available On Steam For $20, But It’s Only 3 Hours Long

Inside Is Available On Steam For $20, But It’s Only 3 Hours Long

PlayDead’s Inside has been receiving a lot of critical praise for its gameplay, puzzles and atmosphere. The game just recently launched on Steam following a release on the Xbox One a week ago. The game follows a boy who ends up fleeing for his life after getting caught in a rather dangerous situation.

Playdead’s morbid sense of minimalist storytelling is coupled with the nearly desaturated art-style and simplistic, platforming gameplay.

The actual description on the Steam store page is completely and entirely bare bones, only stating…

“Hunted and alone, a boy finds himself drawn into the center of a dark project.”

The game has been receiving a lot of critical praise for its themes and atmosphere, especially given how dark it is but how well animated and how well crafted it is as well. If you have no idea what Inside is like, you can check out the E3 2016 trailer and E3 2014 trailer below.—kb-g

The 2.5D puzzle platformer has been the subject of much discussion by many gamers on the forums and user review threads. However, one thing stands out above them all: many don’t feel as if Inside was worth $20.

Bwc_semaj explains…

“ Beat the game in one play through (3 hours). At the very end weird satisfaction yet also wanting more. For 20$ I feel like there wasn’t enough content. Would I play this game again, probably. Anytime soon, nope. I found the puzzles not too hard.”

MarioDragon practically said the same thing – both of them having three hours on their Steam records – writing…

“If you really think you can play a game like this for more than one playthrough (maybe try to get some of the hidden things that I’m assuming exist since I only unlocked one achievement, not that I care about achievements) then pay $20 for it, otherwise I would only suggest buying it on sale. For $20 it just doesn’t have enough gameplay to be worth a 3 hour playthrough.”

Despite the common calls for users to beware that this is only a three hour long game, there are still many suggestions that it’s worth picking up for the play experience alone… just perhaps, not quite for $20.

You can learn more about Inside or pick up a digital copy for the Xbox One from the Xbox Store, or grab a copy for PC from the Steam store page.

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