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1427650cookie-checkJRPG Legrand Legacy Showcases Combat In New Gameplay Trailer

JRPG Legrand Legacy Showcases Combat In New Gameplay Trailer

Indie Developers Tinker Games and Publishers Semisoft have been hard at work creating a JRPG called Legrand Legacy, and fans of this genre will probably love it based on what they’ve showcased so far.

Already from the character art, the world design, and the combat system, this looks like it will be a great addition to the JRPG genre. Legrand Legacy reminds me of the late Playstation and early Playstation 2 era of JRPGs, similar to titles like Legend Of Dragoon and a bit of Final Fantasy, it also reminds me a lot of the Gamecube’s Baton Kaitos series.

You can really see the inspiration of classic games in Legrand Legacy‘s own design. The story follows six heroes that band together to save their world from a rising evil, but the details of the overall plot is quite vague. All we really know is that the game takes place on the planet of Legrand and the chaotic events that takes place there as the people struggle to survive.


Legrand Legacy probably shines most with its multi-layered combat system that is divided into both a classic turn-based combat system, as well as a large scale war battle system. The turn-based system features a quick time event where you have to time you attacks using their Action Circle Tempo — AKA, the ACT dial. The ACT dial will pop up and you will have to press the appropriate button to initiate a well placed hit to deal out bonus damage, but if you miss, you will instead receive a penalty that could cost you.

The large scale battle system currently doesn’t have much information, but developers say that the large scale war mode for Legrand Legacy will place you in charge of managing your towns people and castle and defending them from invaders or evil bandits. If you win the war, you will gain fame and recognition for your heroic acts. And as this system suggests, you will be able to build and manage your own castle as your forces grow.

Instead of following a traditional class system, the leveling system for Legrand Legacy will be open for you to customize and change your characters as you please. This system will also work the same way for magic, allowing you to learn new abilities as long as you meet all the requirements. Take a look at the the Legrand Legacy gameplay trailer that I linked below.

Legrand Legacy has a few other notable features, such as hand painted backgrounds with 3D characters, fully 3D cinematic cut-scenes, and expressive Live2D artwork where the character’s pictures emote and react based on what’s happening around them. Last but not least, Legrand Legacy will also feature an original soundtrack score.

If you would like to see Legrand Legacy come to Steam, head on over to their Greenlight page to cast your vote. For now, the release date has not been announced yet, so we still have to wait before we will know when this game will be available for purchase.

For additional information and details you can also visit their IndieDB page, as well as their Official website for more information.

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