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1419440cookie-checkKing Of Fighters XIV Demo Launches July 19th

King Of Fighters XIV Demo Launches July 19th

Two days from now you’ll be able to play-test King of Fighters XIV for yourself. SNK announced that the game’s first public playable demo will be available starting July 19th for PlayStation 4 owners.

Gematsu picked up the news that the game’s demo would be made available soon for eager fans looking to get their hands on the title. SNK has been frequently demoing the title at various fighting game conventions and tournaments over the course of the past year, building hype and releasing screenshots and trailers for the upcoming, single plane 3D fighter.

The demo will see gamers being able to get their hands on seven of the game’s 50 total pugilists, fighting in offline versus modes. It’s a tiny sampling of what’s to come, but should give gamers an idea of how the input timings work, how well the controls handle, what some of the fighters will play like and how balanced the gameplay is.

If you haven’t see the game in action you can check out some live, unedited gameplay footage courtesy of Atlus USA, which hosted a few tournament-style demonstrations at this past year’s E3. Check it out below.

Unbelievable… they went all out on the jiggle physics. Leona is as bouncy as Mai.

I was also really impressed with Mui Mui, who has some really cool moves and a very reliable super.

And am I the only one not really liking Athena’s design at all? I didn’t even recognize her in the match until I saw the name. She looks completely different from all of her past King of Fighters incarnations.

Anyway, you can look for the demo to go live on July 19th, just after EVO 2016 wraps up and you can look for the full game to launch on August 23rd in North America, August 25th in Japan and August 26th in Europe, exclusively for the PS4.

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