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1415460cookie-checkKing Of Fighters XIV Team Kim Trailer Shows Gang-Il, Luong And Kim In Action

King Of Fighters XIV Team Kim Trailer Shows Gang-Il, Luong And Kim In Action

Kim Kaphwan’s team in King of Fighters XIV has finally managed to get their own trailer leading up to the release of the game this August. The trailer showcases each team member’s combos, super moves and special moves.

Most notably we finally get to see one of Kim’s mystery teammates in action, Gang-Il. He’s a stoutly man with a firm body and strikingly effective kicks. He looks like a really fun character to play and he has very simplified neutral combos that should prove to be tough to beat when he’s in the hands of higher-tier players.

Of course, Gang-Il’s skills don’t really compare to Luong’s looks. The femme fatale has legs as long and as dangerous as a black widow spider, sporting the ability to wrap herself around opponents with a number of grab moves, along with quickly striking and slashing opponents with her heels. Fatal feet never seemed like a term more appropriate to use than with Luong. You can see her, Kim and Gang-Il in action with the trailer below, as spotted by Niche Gamer.

Kim appears to have received a couple of new moves in his arsenal, making him even more dangerous than before. It looks like most of his aerial-to-neutral and aerial-to-ground attacks link even more seamlessly with his special combos, making him especially dangerous when he sets up for a dive kick.

Gang-Il’s more traditional kick combos look really enticing to me. He seems to be a cool throwback character where straight combos and technical skill are the order of the day.

Luong most certainly seems to be the most unorthodox character of the trio, with her moves seemingly requiring a mix of grab-distance know-how and the ability to pull off counter-combos.

Gamers will be able to get their hands on each of the three characters starting August 23rd when King of Fighters XIV launches for the PlayStation 4.

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