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1449710cookie-checkKingdom Come: Deliverance Gives Gamers A Taste Of Brian Blessed’s Lord Konrad Kyeser

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Gives Gamers A Taste Of Brian Blessed’s Lord Konrad Kyeser

Warhorse Studios released a new behind-the-scenes clip featuring Brian Blessed in his role as Lord Konrad Kyeser. The video spans about just four minutes long and Blessed explains his role in the game, his role in games, and his life outside of games.

The video is quite informative in the sense that you get an idea of how Blessed approached the role. He talks about how he goes exploring, how he’s visited and climbed Mt. Everest, how he’s a trained opera singer – and we even get a small taste of his operatic abilities – and then he begins to talk about Konrad Kyeser, the character he voices in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Brian Blessed explains that it was easy to step into the role of the mad scientist Konrad Kyeser because he was a real person and the game is based on actual Polish history.

Blessed notes that when he did other games it was mostly all fantasy, so there wasn’t as much grounding in the characters he portrayed, such as the narrator in Viking: Battle for Asgard or Privateer 2. This time around he’s taking on something with less fantasy-oriented flair.

The small clips we get of the upcoming Kingdom Come are in rather short supply, and the only lines we hear from Blessed in his role as Kyeser deals with making calibrations to the trebuchet.

He mentions – like some of the other actors in the behind-the-scenes documentary about the game’s production – that the story is brilliantly written. We seem to hear often how the characterization and narrative elements of Kingdom Come are rather strong. So it sounds like the game will definitely be a lot more than just a title about wandering around and killing animals and clanging swords.

The title is still a long ways out from release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but for those of you who backed the title during the crowdfunding phase, it’s possible to dive in and check out an alpha build of the game. For more info you can visit the official Kingdom Come: Deliverance website.

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