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1452630cookie-checkKingdom Come: Deliverance Global Announcement Set For June 9th

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Global Announcement Set For June 9th

Warhorse Studios released a new trailer ahead of E3. They have plans on making a global announcement on June 9th, the Friday ahead of the official start of E3.

They released a flyby trailer covering lots of different environments and locations in the game, as well as a brief look at what could be a pretty big announcement on June 9th.

The trailer is basically an announcement for an announcement, but you can check it out below.

One of the cool parts about the trailer is near the end beyond the minute mark where a rider on a horse trots back and forth before giving a signal to his troops that results in an army rising up behind him.

They haven’t talked much about army battles in Kingdom Come: Deliverance but it would be pretty cool to see how it all plays out when in the actual game.

Of course, unlike games like Dynasty Warriors there’s no thousand-army combat system in the game. The fights are designed to be a lot more realistic and are skill based so that you can’t just charge in and hack and slash your way to victory.

Additionally, I wonder if the cinematic involving the soldier riding up on the horizon will be indicative of the sort of battles that will be present in the console versions of the game?

Lately Warhorse hasn’t been showing off too much in terms of actual gameplay progress, but instead they’ve been focusing on the developer diaries involving the character profiles, voice-acting sessions, and more of the facial capture, facial animations and motion capture.

Hopefully the big announcement on June 9th will relate to the game’s release date, because that would end up being pretty huge. My only worry is that it might end up getting drowned out due to all the hype surrounding E3, which gets underway the following week starting with a press conference by Bethesda and and Electronic Arts.

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