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Kona Gameplay Walkthrough

A new game called Kona has managed to find its way to the PS4 and PC. Kona was made by indie developer Parabole. The first-person mystery game is a rare entry in gaming, sharing similarities to Firewatch and the Vanishing of Ethan Carter. If you need a bit of help getting through the game, there’s a complete Kona gameplay walkthrough available.

The game isn’t a hand-holding title, and you’ll need to be sharp and smart to get through the game in one piece. There’s a complete walkthrough of Kona from YouTuber The Apex Hound. There are seven video playlists that you can check out below.

The beginning of the game will allow you to drive around in the red Chevrolet. You can drive up to a tower where you’ll need to climb up and open the box to grab the pincer and firestarter.

You won’t be able to get through the road until you get the pincer and use it to break the lock on the bridge.

Get back into the jeep and drive through the pathway up to the general store, where Carl will need to meet with his client.

Following the cinematic with the crash, head to the other car and grab the locked box and the photo of Isabelle. There’s a first aid kit in the back of the trunk.

Just beyond the Chevy, there’s a pathway that leads toward a cabin. Grab a log from just outside the cabin. Go inside and take the chain and then place the log inside the stove and light the fire. This will heat up Carl.

Head back outside and toward the truck. Put the chains under the wheels to give the Chevy traction so you can get out of the ditch and then drive toward the general store.

Inside the general store, take out the camera and snap a photo of the dead body on the ground.


Grab the note from Gilles.

Head to the register and open it up to take the garage key, along with the duct tape and matches from the nearby drawers. There’s a ladder behind the register area as well and you can climb up the ladder and get the Sherry wine.

You can light a fire with the outdoor furnace, which will save your game.

Grab some of the gear from within the garage and snap a photo of the odd-looking ice just outside of the garage.

If you follow the wolf tracks out to the forest, a cinematic will take Carl through a dreamlike sequence. Follow the tracks and it will lead you to Gille Lachances’ wallet in a crashed truck. Take the wallet.

Head back to the general store and use the supplies you took from the garage to repair the generator. At the front of the store, there’s a mailbox with a gun and a mini-key inside. Take both of them.

Head to the back of the store and switch the power on to the generator and then turn on pump 2 and fill up your truck’s gas tank. Turn the power on for the garage and head inside, lift up the vehicle using the lever and grab the crowbar underneath the car.

If you follow the map after getting the wallet and gear from the general store, you can go back on the path that you followed with the wolf prints and take the path up toward Lechance’s house. You’ll find another dead person inside the house – take a photo of the lady in the house along with a photo of the arrow in the post.

Head inside the cabin and use the flashlight to look around.

Touch the lady to trigger a cinematic flashback.

This flashback will lead you to Gisele’s diary.

Grab the painkillers from the desk and head back into the hall where the secret wall is that contains the safe after starting the fire in the main living room.

In order to open the safe, you’ll need the proper code. The code is: B 739

You can head to the Bedard’s house, just down the road. Inside the shed’s drawers are a few supplies you can use. Grab the spare key under the welcome mat and enter the house.

You can examine some of the contents within the house, including reading the diaries of Marie and Sylvie.

If you head to the next house, Roy’s house; you can examine some of the pages left lying around. Also, grab the necessary items.

Head to Blais’ house and go inside. You can grab a Cloutier et Fils key on the desk to the side of the room, along with a magnet that you can attach a wire to; inside the refrigerator are beer bottles and a steak. Take the wired magnet outside and use it to grab the key in the refuse by the shed.

Go into the garden shed and grab the flares and the empty gas can.

Head to Dr. Beaupre’s clinic and grab the key out front in order to enter inside.

Examine the office, including the blood on the sheet.

Proceed to Rosaire’s house, further up north on the map.

There’s an old man inside the house with a shotgun who will shoot at you. You’ll need caribou to trade with the old man to get a coat.

Just down from the cabin is the Icy Cavern, and you’ll need warmer clothes in order to explore the cavern.

Head to the House of the Patriot and start a fire.

There’s a small cooking station to make caribou whiskey. You’ll need a sherry wine and some spices. Use the station to make the caribou white whiskey and give it to the old man so you can get the warmer clothes.

You can then enter into the Icy Cavern and then follow the pathway toward the frozen man to trigger a flashback where you can follow the tracks up into the area where you can turn on the valve to light the room up. There are some logs and a furnace to start a fire, along with some dynamite you can take.

Take the rifle in the cave. Move the bridge down to exit the area and then use the revolver to kill the ghost dog. Use the dynamite to blow the rocks away and exit the cave.

Proceed to Lamothe’s Garage. You’ll have to park outside the compound and travel inside on foot. There’s a spark plug package in the mailbox; take it. There’s a frozen man inside the garage, touch him to activate a flashback. Grab the headlight from on top of the spaceship and get the handlebars off the shelf.

The car outside the garage will have a ski inside the trunk.

Head over to the house next to the garage and grab the snowmobile ski.

Inside the house, there’s a hammer in a drawer sitting atop the desk in the corner of the room.

Behind the house is a snowmobile and a track just behind it. Put the track on the snowmobile, and place the two skis onto the front of the snowmobile.

Head over to the left side of the area near the back of the place and the snowmobile bench is on a lawn chair.

Head up on the roof using the ramp and build a bridge across the rooftops to grab the letter.

Head down the pathway and take some painkillers if your stress levels are too high. If a wolf is blocking your path, throw a steak at it to get it out of the pathway. Head around the pathway behind the dish and press the lever.

Move back around and turn the valves. Once the shed has the power you can enter into it and take the snowmobile key.

Head back to the back of the area with the snowmobile and you can start it up now that you have the key.

You can use the snowmobile for transport if you want, or you can stick with the Chevy.

Head up to the Woodlots further north on the map and take the hatchet.

There’s a key inside and a few documents to take.

Move on toward the bus stop. Inside is a first-aid kit and a furnace inside one of the bunks.

Head toward the Landslide on the map and there’s a burning arrow in the back of the car; use the camera to snap a photo of the arrow.

There’s a pathway leading up to the Ice Wall, and there’s another flashback there. You can use the snowmobile if you want to go up the path. You can follow the path up to the camp where there’s another arrow on the tree; snap a shot with the camera.

Follow the path to the next shack where there are more odd ice patches and a cabin where two men were staying.

Continue following the pathway north until you come upon some charred areas and move through them toward the Cabin.

Continue north after you grab what you can from the cabin.

Move around the pathway toward the frozen bodies. There’s a rifle that you can take if you didn’t have one before. Approach the bodies to trigger another flashback.

A Wendigo will pop up and you can race through the pathway to getaway. Head through the narrow path past the cemetery to create some distance. You can make your way to the train station where there’s a boat at the dock. You can take the boat to escape from the island.

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