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Lawbreakers: Assassin Profiled And Detailed

Boss Key Productions released a new trailer for Lawbreakers covering the Assassin class in more detail. We learn more about how the character class operates and what you can expect from the melee-based, frenzied killer.

The Assassin zips and zoops around the arena using the grappling hook, which can be attached to both characters and the environment. They explain in the developer documentary that the Assassin is a squishy character with a glass jaw. Her objective is to move around the arena extremely fast, slicing and dicing on enemies while attempting to stay out of the direct line of fire. You can see how the Assassin class can be utilized in the video below.

They explain that the Assassin has a fusion grenade that can knock enemies and their projectiles away from the area where the grenade is thrown, and the class also has the option to briefly see through walls, so that players can know where the enemies are.

The Assassin is basically designed for people who really enjoy playing fast-paced, edge-of-your-seat style characters who move at a frenetic pace and are constantly maintaining their mobility. The Assassin also has a charged weapon that can be used in mid-range combat, but the prime focus of the class is on drive-by melee attacks.

The design of the Law version of the class is interesting… to say the least. The lower half of the legs below the knee are missing and replaced with springy prosthetic limbs. It reminds me a little bit of the henchwoman in the movie Kingsman.

Anyway, with Lawbreakers it definitely makes it a harder case to get excited for Quake Champions. For new-school arena shooters id Software is really going to have to pull something unique out of the box to compete with all these character class-based shooters.

For more info on Lawbreakers be sure to hit up the game’s official website.

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