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Lawbreakers Beta Sign-Ups Are Now Live

Not quite a hero-shooter and not quite a classic arena-shooter, Lawbreakers sits somewhere in between an anti-gravity deathmatch romp and a shadow of Quake 3. The not-quite-its-own-thing FPS has been struggling to find its identity in a landscape killed with multiplayer shooters of all types and varieties. The title will attempt to gain a new audience, however, by opening up the doors to a beta test in early 2017.

During this year’s Game Awards in Anaheim, California – taking place just a couple of days before the PlayStation Experience over the weekend – Boss Key Productions founder Cliffy B., rolled out a new trailer for Lawbreakers featuring a new player class to herald the beta test. You can check out the trailer below.

The new character and stage are showcased in the trailer above. The character is themed around being a dual-wielding gunslinger, capable of firing behind him while running and taking out foes using precision aiming.

According to Cliffy B., people had complained that there weren’t enough precision-focused character classes in the game, so the new gunslinger will fulfill that role. Additionally, the new stage will give gamers more verticality to experience, as they make use of the gravity wells sprinkled throughout the stage while scaling high up above the skyline.


Lawbreakers lets players zipline around levels, make use of vertical gravity wells and blast opponents to smithereens in fast-paced deathmatch arenas. The game really hasn’t sparked any real interest out of me as a gamer. It just feels like a lot of half ideas executed with less than their full potential in mind. Maybe if it were either more grounded or more over-the-top it might stand apart from the competition, but it seems to suffer from the Brink complex where it’s just sort of there… an average man’s FPS.

Nevertheless, if you’re looking for yet another shooter to play, you can do so by visiting the official website.

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