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1422230cookie-checkLawbreakers Goes Old-School With Titans And Rocket Jumping

Lawbreakers Goes Old-School With Titans And Rocket Jumping

Back in the day the classic FPS arena shooters relied on a technique called rocket jumping. You would shoot at the ground and blast off into the air in order to get a good height advantage on your opponents. Sometimes you would even jump and then rocket boost while at the height of the jump in order to go just a bit further. Well, the rocket jumping technique is on display briefly during the promo trailer for one of the character classes in the upcoming first-person competitive shooter, Lawbreakers.

Boss Key Productions rolled out a new trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter, highlighting the law and the breaker side of the Titan class, a rocket-wielding heavy who isn’t afraid of blowing opponents to smithereens.

On the law side there’s Bombchelle, who I’m sure Zarya fans from Overwatch will appreciate. On the breaker side there’s Cronos, who looks like Kabal’s chubbier brother who shops at Diesel. Both characters can utilize their rocket launchers to boost off the ground or blast opponents into bits. You can check out the teaser trailer below.

Even though it’s only 35 seconds long, it’s chock full of action from start to finish. There’s a lot of gib, a lot of explosions and a heck of a lot of pain being dispersed.

Most impressive is the reverse rocket firing, where the Titan class can reach behind them and fire a rocket from where they just were. This is a great counter-offensive maneuver to keep the Titan’s six clear while at the same time moving forward to get into an advantageous position.

What’s more is that the Titans appear to have an area of effect lightning charge that can down opponents pretty quickly. I suppose this is their alternative fire mode instead of lobbing rockets everywhere. They’ll likely have a Titan demonstration video later on to fully and properly explain how the lightning can be used in the utmost efficient manner.

Lawbreakers is currently undergoing closed alpha testing but you can sign up over on the official website to join in on the action and potentially even kill Cliffy B in the process. So have it.

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