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Let Them Come, Arcade Survival Game Launching Soon On Steam

Tuatara Games and Versus Evil have announced that Let Them Come is launching soon on Steam. It’s a throwback arcade shooter where players are placed in a desperate situation as a lone survivor, intent on killing as many alien scum as possible before biting the dust.

Each level is situated on a stationary screen where players will have a turret and a number of items at their disposal as they attempt to take down and take out as many alien forces as possible. The game seems to be designed around short bursts of intense gameplay, where gamers will be forced to use their reflexes to point, shot and splatter the brain matter of alien invaders all over the stage.

You can see what the indie title looks like in action ahead of its release with the gameplay trailer below.

The game reminds me of a arcade-shooting version of Alien Shooter. Players may be stationed at the turret but there will be plenty of customizable loadouts for the arsenal when unlocking new items and equipment. Throughout the wave-based fights there’s also the boombox that can be used to put on some action-packed tunes. The music in the trailer was okay, but Let Them Come seems like the sort of game that would benefit from having death metal blaring in the background as that poor dude fights and shoots and mows down every bloodthirsty enemy crawling down that hallway.

There are also boss fights, as indicated in the video trailer. We see that giant, tentacle-waving Cthulhu monster opening its mouth and slug-pacing its way down the corridor toward the unlucky soldier. Additionally there will be online leaderboards to compare scores.

The game is described as a “fast and furious pixel style shooter on steroids”. I can’t argue much with that description.

The old-school design and fast-paced gameplay seems like it could be a nice game to play to burn some time or get pumped. You can look for Let Them Come to launch soon on Steam, and if you need a ping when the game does launch you can add it to your wishlist by visiting the Steam store page.

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