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1414820cookie-checkLithium City Wows With Tron-Style Action In New Gameplay Trailer

Lithium City Wows With Tron-Style Action In New Gameplay Trailer

Lithium City is an isometric action shooter developed by Nico Tuason, which was just released onto Steam Greenlight.

The first thing you will probably notice is the cel-shaded polygon graphics with the bright colored neon lights. The game is about a girl tasked with destroying an army of battle droids in a futuristic city across impossibly high skyscraper buildings.

Players will battle across these buildings from one mission to the next. Lithium City also features an amazing original music soundtrack that goes from a surreal chill style to action electronic music that plays in the background to make the world come to life.

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Lithium City will allow you to fight with your fists, melee weapons, and guns to give you a variety of different fighting styles and tactics to dispatch your enemies. Bullets fly and polygon shards explode around you as you dash through the stages, take cover, and fire back to wipe out all the enemies that stand in your way.

For those of you that want to see actual gameplay, developer Nico Tuason has just released the official trailer for Lithium City just earlier today, that showcases some of the gameplay, weapons, and combat that you will be able to experience in the finished game. Take a look at the trailer that I linked down below to see Lithium City in action.

The original Lithium City Teaser trailer gives a slightly clearer look at the gameplay shooting mechanics and melee combat, so I will link that video down below as well so you can see what it’s like.

Lithium City is currently on Steam Greenlight looking for enough votes to be approved for the official Steam store page, so if you are interested you can head on over to their page to cast your votes and learn more about the game. Furthermore, you can also check out the developer’s official website for further details and updates about Lithium City.

The developer is currently aiming for a third quarter 2016 release date, so we should be seeing more of this game very soon.

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