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1425360cookie-checkLivelock Tackles 3-Player Top-Down Combat With Lots Of Destruction

Livelock Tackles 3-Player Top-Down Combat With Lots Of Destruction

Perfect World Entertainment released a new game recently called Livelock featuring three-player cooperative gameplay. The game has recently released on PC, Xbox One and PS4. It features three playable classes, a variety of weapons and skills, and lots of destructive, cooperative gameplay.

The game sees players taking control of machines as they battle against mechanical invaders. The three chassis set to fulfill the task are the Hex, Vanguard and Catalyst. They each take on classic MMO roles (and would you have expected anything else from a game published by Perfect World?) enabling players to tank, DPS or heal as one of the three aforementioned chassis, which double as classes.

The game is a fast-and-furious co-op shooter made in the same vein as games like Dieselstormers and Helldivers. Players will mow down endless onslaughts of enemy robots, upgrading the chassis in the process and unlocking new weapons. YouTube outlet Forced Gaming did a magnificent job breaking down all of the core gameplay elements within a five minute video that you can check out below.

Gameplay wise this looks like a standard-fare, run-and-gun sort of ordeal. If you find that enticing, intriguing, interesting or cool, this could end up being right up your alley.

It’s definitely a deviation from the typical MMO-style RPG that Perfect World is known for developing and publishing, but they seem to be branching out, working with different kinds of developers lately, hence their collaboration with Tuque Games for Livelock.

And speaking of deviation… the game is not free-to-play, which is probably the biggest shocker in relation to this being published by Perfect World. Most of their titles are free-to-play games with a cash shop waiting and willing to ravage your wallet like a blue-haired leg-beard taking to the stage to word-ravage the Patriarchy with enough pent-up rage spawned from daddy issues that a psychiatrist could make a career living off their childhood horror stories alone.

Anyway, you can grab a digital copy of Livelock for the PS4, Xbox One or PC from the respective distribution storefronts. Alternatively, you can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official website.

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