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1427930cookie-checkLoops Of Zen Offers Infinite Complex Puzzles On Steam Greenlight

Loops Of Zen Offers Infinite Complex Puzzles On Steam Greenlight

Developers SiN Studios (AKA: Strength in Numbers) has launched their Steam Greenlight campaign to gain support for their new puzzle game, Loops Of Zen.

If you like casual puzzles games that challenges your mind and problem solving skills then you’ll probably love this concept. Loops Of Zen takes place in a variety of relaxing serene environments, that also includes a subtle and relaxing soundtrack to match the stages. The objective is to rotate the puzzle pieces around and “Close the Loops” to complete the puzzle. I bet the Rainmaker from the movie Looper would love this game!

The puzzles are designed to have two circles at each end, and a series of lines that run between them. You have to connect the lines and lead them back to the loops to create one fluent connection from one loop to the other.

Here is where the challenge comes in though, as you progress the puzzles get harder, but the game is designed to have an infinite amount of randomly generated puzzles that vary in size and complexity. The game boards max size is 8×8 puzzles, which means there are eight rows going across and eight rows going down, that is a lot of lines to connect!

There are three different game modes for you to choose from, which consists of the classic Zen mode, the Timed mode where you race against the clock to solve puzzles as fast as you can, and the most challenging Enlightened mode that has the largest and the most complex puzzles for you to solve.

Combine the different game modes with the puzzles changing and randomizing every time you play and you will literally have an endless supply of puzzles to entertain you in different ways. The developers released a very chill and relaxing gameplay video to show you how to play Loops Of Zen, so check out the video that I linked below.

The release date for Loops Of Zen is scheduled for this October, 2016, so it will be released soon if the community votes it through Steam Greenlight. You can also check out the Developers official website for more information.

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