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Lost In Harmony Coming To PC, Mac This Fall

DigixArt Entertainment has announced that their musical journey starring two young kids on a skateboard that transcends space, time and life itself will appear on PC and Mac this fall. The game originally released on mobile devices to wide acclaim due to its eclectic soundtrack and unique design, and now PC gamers will be able to get their hands on it this fall.

The developers sent out a press release notifying the gaming community that the title was coming and that you should prepare your rig. Steven Payre, developer at Digixart commented about one of the big features exclusive to PC: modding…

“As a PC gamer who likes to mod, I wanted to allow Lost in Harmony players to easily create their own universes and share them”

So yes, PC gamers will be able to mod in new environments, music and more as they give the game their own flair in addition to what’s already been added exclusively to the PC version. There will be a total of 33 different environments to race through, along with a visual content editor that allows gamers to build their own tracks and challenges. You can see what the PC version will look like with the Greenlight trailer below.

Lost In Harmony originally came out back in early 2016, releasing to a lot of praise from the gaming critics as well as capturing the attention of a niche audience who enjoyed the music-rhythm gameplay and cool stage designs.

The PC version will support customizing the two main characters and giving them their own look, as indicated in the image below.

Lost in Harmony

The game is about healing through music as the two main characters go on a journey to overcome a debilitating disease. There’s even an exclusive track provided by Grammy-winning artist Wyclef Jean.

You can learn a bit more about the PC version by visiting the Greenlight page where the title was approved to appear on the Steam store back in June.

You can look for Lost in Harmony to launch in full in the fourth quarter of 2016.

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