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Lost Wing, Obstacle Dodger Seeks Votes On Steam Greenlight

There’s yet another entry in the vast pool of games that hit Steam Greenlight, which comes in the form of obstacle dodging game Lost Wing. BoxFrog Games recently submitted the sci-fi endless runner game to Greenlight, and now they seek votes.

Currently aimed for PC, Lost Wing deals heavily with swerving around objects, jumping obstacles, slowing time down to dodge incoming structures, and getting out of danger within a split second.

Timing is precise in this game according to the devs, who note that upon encountering a close shave will leave your ship dilapidated. Yes, this means near crashes will tear your wings off and will hamper your controls. If you pickup health scattered around a stage you will recover some of your missing parts, along with your flight controls.

“Lost Wing is a fast-paced, procedurally structured, endless arcade game, with a Neon Sci-Fi aesthetic. Quick to learn, hard to master – you’ll need quick reaction times and super-fast decision making to achieve a high score on the global leaderboards.”

I should note that if neon retro 1980’s indie games aren’t your thing, then you will find that Lost Wing contains a lot of said features. However, if you are into obstacle dodging visual games like Lost Wing I think that the trailer might be something worth checking out.

Honestly I can’t see myself playing this game for hours, but for Greenlight standards it does knock a lot of submissions out of the park. I do wish though that the devs had a longer video for the game showing off other features, but as for graphics and mechanics go for an indie game it looks pretty solid.

For more information on BoxFrog Games and Lost Wing you can head on over to the game’s main site. If you seek to support the endless arcade dodger you can go on over to Steam Greenlight.

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