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Lucidsound LS20 Gaming Headset Now Available For PS4, Xbox One And PC

Peripheral designer Lucidsound announced that their new LS20 Amplified Universal Gaming Headset is currently available for home consoles and PC, along with having support for mobile devices… except for the iPhone 7 since it doesn’t have a jack.

Anyway, the new LS20 headset takes a lot cues from the previous version of Lucidsound’s gaming headset, the LS30. They’ve implemented the same open ear-cup design with easily accessible volume control and mic-muting so gamers have varied options at their disposal as to how they consume the audio in their favorite games, movies and media playback.

The Lucidsound audio acoustics, bass-boost enhancement features and custom playback controls are all designed to help give gamers the most quality for a price that’s under $100. There are 40mm neodymium magnet speakers with built-in mic-monitoring for voice normalization and the ability to detach the mic so you can just use the headset as a pair of headphones.

Lucidsound LS2

According to Chris Von Huben, the CEO of LucidSound, he commented in the press release about the new LS20 gaming headset, stating…

“Many gamers are drawn to the idea of a premium gaming headset, but are reluctant or unable to spend above a certain threshold. There are limited quality options available to the gamer below $100 and we think the LS20 provides the perfect balance of quality and affordability. Our audio engineers have worked tirelessly to deliver best-in-class audio, intuitive controls and simple, beautiful aesthetics that allow gamers to enjoy the headset throughout their daily lives. We believe that this simple but enticing package will allow us to grow our market share and expand our global footprint as we head into the holidays.”

The press release repeatedly says that the headset is available for under $100 but they don’t give any kind of specific price. If I had to guess, with only 40mm drivers, I would assume this headset has to be around $79.99, and that’s only because of the detachable mic, ear-cup design and the compatibility with home consoles – except if you head to Amazon it appears the headsets are available for $99.99, so I guess I was off by $20.

You can see the promo video for the LS20 and LS30 below to get a better idea of how the headset looks.

You can learn more about the Lucidsound LS20 Amplified Universal Gaming Headset for the PS4, Xbox One and PC by visiting the official Lucidsound website. As of the writing of this article the headsets are all out of stock, but you can sign-up for e-mail notifications on Amazon to get a heads-up on when the LS20 will be made available again.

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