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1418670cookie-checkMahluk: Dark Demon Offers Classic Platform Adventure For PC And Mobile

Mahluk: Dark Demon Offers Classic Platform Adventure For PC And Mobile

Serkan Bakar and Redro Games has created a new side-scrolling platform adventure game for those of you that like collecting retro style platform games. Mahluk: Dark demon is now heading to PC and will be available on the Steam store page.

Graphically, the entire game has a retro-2D sprite art style with a dark color scheme, set on a cloudy grey sky background to give the game a creepy shadow silhouette effect. You play as a humanoid looking shadow creature, who I assume to be Mahluk. You are on a grand journey to defeat the other demons, slay the evil King Kindar, and rise to become the new king of the realm. This journey will take you through several different regions in this magical fantasy world, filled with all kinds of different monsters and creatures, ranging from the mountains, dark dungeons, and deadly platforms.

Mahluk: Dark demon has about thirty different monster types that will stand in your way for you to hack-and-slash through, with four different deadly weapons. Mahluk: Dark demon will also have different magic spells and special items to help you on your quest to defeat the evil demons in the realm.

You won’t just be hacking-and-slashing to victory, you will need to duck, jump and dodge deadly traps to survive. There are also switches that will manipulate the platforms for you to navigate the stages. The developers have released a gameplay trailer video for you to see what the game is like.

Mahluk: Dark demon is currently on Steam Greenlight looking to receive votes to come to PC and the Steam Store page. If you are interested in mobile games, you can also head on over to to the Google Play Store to download and play the Android version, as well as the iTunes APP store for Apple devices.

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