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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Gameplay Walkthrough

Ubisoft and Nintendo’s Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle for the Nintendo Switch is a unique new title for the hybrid gaming system. The tactical, turn-based adventure RPG is unlike many other Super Mario titles, as you’ll need to bring your tactical awareness to the table and your ability to out-maneuver and strategically overcome the enemy AI. There is a walkthrough guide available to help you get through some of the segments of the game and overcome some the basic learning curves.

At the start of the game, following the cinematic, you’ll learn the basic controls and how to navigate the battlefield. You can collect coins in the overworld in your attempt to find the Rabbid with the SuperMerge headset.

You can also search the environment for chests that will unlock new upgrades and weapons for the characters. The main two elements you’ll need to master in the game is during the combat phase, which includes movement and actions. You’ll only be able to move the characters to the farthest extent of the blue box during battle, and perform an action after moving.

Additionally, you’ll be able to switch characters using the left and right triggers, while using the face buttons to perform basic attack. You can perform more complex attacks by moving onto an enemy’s position to perform a team-jump attack. You can see how it works with the video below courtesy of ProsafiaGaming.

In order to perform a successful team jump attack, highlight the enemy on the battlefield, and when the cursor turns yellow, tap ‘A’. Proceed to move the cursor to your teammate and it will allow you to combo the attack and jump to a different part of the battlefield.

The team-jump is essential for quickly maneuvering around the battlefield and getting to cover after performing an attack.

In addition to attacking with the weapons and performing jump attacks, there’s also the essential use of cover.

Cover reduces hit-rate percentages, identical to XCOM. Small cover will reduce hit-chance by around 50% while larger cover will reduce hit-percentages by 100%.

You’ll need to move around larger cover in order to attack the enemies.

The early parts of the game are fairly linear, so you’ll simply need to follow the pathway and complete the quests along the way. You’ll unlock new items and gear, but some of you won’t be able to use until later on.

Mario + Rabbids - Items

After you help Toad reunite with Toadette, you’ll be able to teleport to Princess Peach’s castle. At the castle you’ll be able to change your team members and your weapon loadout using the Battle HQ facility.

Inside of the BattleHQ you’ll be able to switch your teammates around between the available teammates you unlock.

You can also purchase the weapons you’ve discovered throughout the game world using the coins you’ve collected. Each character has their own loadout and both a primary and secondary weapon. You can change the secondary weapon by pressing ‘Y’. Tap the left or right trigger to switch characters and alter their weapon loadouts. Each teammate has their own special weapons.

Mario + Rabbids - BattleHQ Loadout

After you enter back into the Ancient Gardens level, your next battle will introduce a new feature known as the TactiCam. This will enable you to survey the battlefield before a match begins. You can use this opportunity to change your team’s loadout or spot out where enemies are on the battlefield.

If you need to change your weapons before a battle begins in order to adjust to a specific enemy, the TactiCam is perfect for that.

The next battle will require you to reach the end of the designated zone within the allotted turns.

You’ll want to move all the characters over to the right of the field and through the pipe. Keep moving the characters until you reach the end.

You’ll also unlock three new character special abilities that enable each of the characters to perform an extra action per turn.

This will also lead you toward the map, Welcome To The Jungle.

Defeat the evil Rabbids and proceed into the maze-like area. Follow the pathway until you get around to the wooden bridge where you hear Luigi’s scream.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Luigi Screams

You’ll also learn about tactical height advantages during combat. Firing down on opponents gives you a damage bonus, so for all future fights if it’s possible to gain height on your foes, do so.

Following the defeat of the Rabbids, you’ll face off against your first mid-boss.

You start on the ground with a few evil Rabbids up above. First take out the Rabbids above and then get to the higher ground to do extra damage against the boss.

Defeating the Pirabbid mid-boss will also unlock the Buddydome, Luigi and the skill-tree.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Skill tree

If you decide to add Luigi to the team, he will work as a sniper specialist.

You can only have three teammates in your party at a time, so choose wisely about who you want and how you want to use them.

Follow the pathway through the map until you reach World 1 – 6: On the Bubble.

In the next battle you’ll encounter a Chain Chomp; don’t worry he’s neutral and will attack anyone who gets close. Luigi is perfect for this fight because he can use the long range shots to take out the Rabbids without you having to get close to Chain Chomp.

Complete the ramp puzzle by switching the cannons around until the ramp on the red platform faces the direction you need it to in order to progress.

This will lead you to World 1 – 7: Do U Stack Up.

You’ll have to reach an area but there are some large enemy Rabbids you’ll have to get past. Use the dash slide and jump skills to get around him and snipe him from a distance.

Once you get past that lengthy battle, you’ll reach World 1 – 8: Precarious Pillar.

There’s another multi-level fight that ensues against more enemy Rabbids.

Take them all out to progress.

Complete the four-color switch puzzle that will require you to move all the tubes into place so that you can travel up to the next segment of the pillar.

There’s another fight that involves defeating all of the Rabbids, including some fairly large Rabbids.

If your health gets low, you can find a health mushroom at the next segment, along with a chest with some additional skill tree orbs.

Rearrange all the colored panels to align the tubes and get up to the next level where you’ll have to defeat more Rabbids.

Once the fight is finished this will unlock the main boss fight against Bowser Jr’s minion in the appropriately named World 1 – 9: Top Banana.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Bowser Jr

The boss will have minions about. You’ll need to first defeat the minions and then make your way toward the green banana icon on the ground in front of the Rabbid Kong.

You can use the team jump mechanic to close the distance and get one of the characters close enough to press the button. When the button is pressed Kong’s food will fall through the grate.

During the few turns where Kong is going bananas, use that opportunity to deal damage to him.

One way of making the fight go by faster is having one of your teammates ready on the other side of the field so when he switches sides after you press the button, you can be ready to press the button again after he leaps to the other side.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Rabbid Kong

Once you defeat the boss you’ll be able to unlock new challenges in the Ancient Gardens map, along with using the Wash Machine to replay the older levels.

Defeating the boss will also unlock a new ability for Beep-0 with the contextual hand ability. This will allow you to move around certain blocks.

If you want to access the multiplayer mode, it will also be made available after defeating the first world boss. The two-player local cooperative mode is located in the Buddydome on the main hub world at the castle where Princess Peach is located.

Additionally, you can then access Sherbert Desert.

Use the hand to push the blocks out of the way and use the cannon to head to the desert.

There’s a fight against the Rabbids and then you can go back to exploring.

Use the context sensitive hand to push the blocks and press the buttons in order to progress past some of the blockades.

Follow the pathway lined with coins until you reach the gate that leads into World 2 – 2: Undergarment Gulch.

The next fight will involve attempting to reach the area. It’s tricky because it’s blocked by a bunch of large Rabbids carrying ice blocks.

They have a lot of life so fighting each one isn’t viable. You can kite them using Mario and Rabbid Peach, and then life-steal and dash with Rabbid Luigi. You’ll also need Rabbid Peach’s heal if you want to make it through the area.

Proceeding the fight, a short cutscene will play that then leads into World 2 -3: Guardians of the Oasis.

Some bridge puzzles will ensue that you will have to solve in order to progress.

This will also introduce a new kind of Rabbid enemy, known as a Supporter, who can heal other evil Rabbids.

Complete the ice block puzzle by getting it to the end of the area and then having it fall on Toad’s head.

This will open up a new mission that requires you to escort Toad to the end of the battlefield without being harmed.

Use the other three characters to run interference for Toad to keep the enemy AI off his back.

Escort Toad and the icicled Rabbid Mario to World 2 – 4: Square One.

Another battle will ensue, which will also require the same escort tactics as before.

The fight is pretty lengthy, but once you get done this will lead Toad to Toadette and another short cinematic that will introduce you to the fight against the mid-bosses Blizzy and Sandy.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - Rabbid Mario

Defeating the mid-bosses will also unlock Rabbid Mario.

Continue up the mountain; defeat the evil Rabbids and make your way up to World 2 – 7: Bwahmanweewee.

There’s a series of puzzles you’;ll need to complete before you can proceed. If you need help, The puzzle is worked through at the 1:58:00 mark in the video above.

The next battle will also introduce a tornado stage hazard, which will randomly throw around whoever is in its path.

Directly after defeating the Rabbids you’ll need to fight some more Rabbids… this time you will have to reach the end of the area.

This will lead you to the top of the mountain and the next segment World 2 – 8: Call of Sherbert Mountain.


Defeat the Rabbids and finish the battles. There will be a few more puzzles to solve before you can proceed.

After you finish the puzzle on Sherbert Mountain you’ll need to proceed to the boss area where the final segment of World 2 – 9 will see you facing off against the Icicle Golem.

Princess Peach will also show up, allowing you to play as the Princess for the first time in the game. You will have to use Rabbid Peach, Mario and Princess Peach for this particular boss fight.

Speaking of boss fights, if you need help with each of the bosses in the game, there’s a full two and a half hour video walkthrough guide that features each and every boss fight in the game. You can check it out below.

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