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1425510cookie-checkMegaSphere Is Now On Early Access, New Video Shows Map Creation

MegaSphere Is Now On Early Access, New Video Shows Map Creation

AKGames’ physics-based 2D shooter game has just hit Steam Early Access and other platforms a week ago, and now just received a brand new video showing how stages and maps are made. MegaSphere is out now for PC.

Not quite like a Metroidvania setup but almost similar in practice, comes MegaSphere. The action-platforming game seeks to bring classic arcade action to PC games, except with destructible environments and deadly alien machines.

As for the story regarding MegaSphere, you play as a special operative uncovering the mystery behind the stars becoming aloof in the far future of the techno Solar System.

“Play as a special ops combat unit sent to investigate why the stars around Solar System are going dark in MegaSphere — a story-based post-cyberpunk action platformer adventure game of supermassive scale set in early 22nd century: smart guns, robots, self-reconstructing environments, and vast AIs.”

If you are sick of the overused mechanic known as randomized worlds, well get ready to experience it first-hand in this game. However, this is balanced with upgradeable weapons that can decimate and destroy maps to almost nothing.

Speaking of creating your own weapons to destroy maps… they can be used to obviously destroy enemies too. You can customize them to be homing-missiles, dispersing laser beams, or detonating hybrid rounds among other combinations.

The game is currently on Steam Early Access, and can be seen below due to its most recent game trailer. However, I do have to say that the soundtrack to this game is pretty sick sounding, although that is kinda off the point. But, if you want to check out MegaSphere, the trailer is up thanks to Anton Kudin‘s channel.

Lastly, we have the newly posted video showing rooms being worked on and how the process goes down with the well over three hour long video segment. This video, too, comes in by Anton Kudin‘s channel.

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