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Memories Of Mars Dev Diary Touches On Single-Player Experience

Memories of Mars is an online multiplayer game that mixes FPS and action-survival elements all into one. Although you’ll be trapped on Mars looking for a way off it with other players, the latest dev dairy touches on things that you can do in a single-player-like experience. 505 Games and Limbic Entertainment are set to release Memories of Mars this spring.

Limbic Entertainment is looking for an Early Access release via Steam. Of course, this means that the sci-fi survival game will release on PC. However, the online multiplayer game will not only support multiplayer components, but single-player mechanics, too.

According to a new post titled “Dev Diary 06 – The Single Player Experience,” the devs take a brief look at what can be enjoyed by oneself on the red planet that is Mars:

“The single player experience: If you happen to find yourself waking up on mars, alone without anyone to survive with, do not fear. Memories of Mars offers a lot of gameplay for the lone wolves among us.


Check the video for a small summary of what to expect as a lone wolf on Mars.”

The video featured below touches on meteor events, base building, exploration and other things that one can do without a party. The video comes in courtesy of Memories of Mars‘ YouTube channel.

As a quick summary, the game takes place, obviously, on Mars in the future, where players take up the mantle of a recently awakened human clone in an abandoned mining facility.

The area of Memories of Mars stands at 16 square km. This landscape is complete with deserts, craters, canyons, rocky planes, and mesas. Over 85 points of interest are available, which unique NPCs and other players can travel to and visit.

If you want to discover more of Memories of Mars, you can hit up its Steam Early Access page.

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