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Milanoir, 1970’s Inspired Game Seeks Votes On Greenlight

One of the latest games to hit Steam Greenlight comes from indie developers Italo Games, and the game goes by the name of Milanoir. The action packed single player and co-op game sees players taking control of a framed individual named Piero, and the setting of the game is noted to be inspired by Italian 1970’s crime-thriller films. Milanoir is currently on Steam Greenlight, and is set to release for PC.

I really do enjoy seeing games like Milanoir on platforms like steam Greenlight, because it gives hope that there are devs who care about making well polished games and don’t seek to rip gamers off with cheapware, I mean… games that could be made in less than a day.

This action packed game, Milanoir, follows a framed individual who had to do time for a crime he didn’t commit. After getting out of prison the character that players assume sets out to find the person who framed him and bring justice to this person. However, on his road to revenge he finds that others are after him and want him dead. Players must sneak and/or kill to find the truth behind this conundrum in the city of Milan.

“Milanoir is an action game inspired by Italian crime movies of the ’70s. The player takes the role of a convict suddenly released from prison, looking for the man who framed him. Hunting the truth and running from someone who wants him dead in the violent city of Milan, Piero has to survive using all his toughness to shoot, choke and sneak through the enemies and engage them in breathtaking car chases.”

Instead of the devs being like some low-budget scammers who abuse the Greenlight process, Italo Games actually put up a teaser trailer and another trailer that contains gameplay so that fans can see what Milanoir is all about. You can check out both trailers thanks to Italo Games channel.

If you want, you can support this game by heading on over to Steam Greenlight. For more information on the devs and this game you can hit up

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