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Modder Bringing Cuphead To Super Smash Bros

Bored of Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U? Need something to brighten up the mood and spice up the gameplay? Well, if you’re willing to play the game via emulation, then you’re in luck because modders are working on bringing the devil-defeating Cuphead and his reluctant brother to the platforming brawler.

Modder Aniverange posted up images of the work-in-progress project that sees Cuphead from Studio MDHR’s Cuphead make his way into Super Smash Bros. The post came via a tweet on January 5th, 2018.

If you can’t view the images through the tweet, you can check them out below.

Super Smash Bros - Cuphead 2 (Anivernage)

You can also see that he has some specials of his own, mimicking his finger-snapping fireball abilities from the Xbox One and PC game.

Super Smash Bros - Cuphead 4

Best of all, this isn’t just some mesh swap for a character like Mega Man, Anivernage actually took time out to make all new animations and reactions for Cuphead that highlights the more comical elements of Cuphead’s design. For instance, in the shot below we see that his straw pops out, along with some milky white substance shooting from his head.

Super Smash Bros - Cuphead 3 (Anivernage)

Keep in mind that the game Cuphead was a hand-drawn, sprite-based boss-rush platformer. The characters were never in 3D, they had no 3D reference models made available to the general public, and the whole game was designed to replicate the old 1930s Fletcher animations. So Anivernage had to design the Cuphead mesh from scratch and use his own wits and design ability to flesh the character out for Super Smash Bros. That takes some serious talent.

Now if you weren’t much of a fan of Cuphead himself and preferred Mugman over the more rambunctious and red-colored protagonist, then you’re in luck because Anivernage is working on a few alts for the new-age hero. He teased a Mugman alt with the basic mesh and texture work in place.

As you can see, the lightmaps still need some altering because the top and bottom parts of his hands show some misalignment with the shadow effects.

There’s no estimated time of release for the Cuphead mod for Super Smash Bros., on the Wii U, but Anivernage says that the mod is set to arrive soon for the game.

Also, there’s a Cuphead mod for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the Wii U version of the game, so if you have the game you can grab the Cuphead mod for the game. YouTuber WilianZilv posted up a video of the kitchenware hero turning Hyrule upside down.

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