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MODSORK Features Rhythm-Based Arcade Twinstick Action

This isn’t a twin stick shooter game that most people are used to, in fact, it isn’t even a shooter. It’s more like an arcade Laser Clothesliner.

Developer Cinnoman Games has created a unique arcade survival action game that can either be played alone, or cooperatively with a friend for local co-op action. Modsork does offer controller support, and from what I’ve seen from the below gameplay trailer, I don’t think it would be possible to effectively play without one. The game revolves around two diamonds that you control; a red diamond controlled by the right thumbstick and a blue diamond controlled by the left thumbstick.


The objective for Modsork is to move the two diamonds around the arena, but keep them more or less parallel to each other so that you can form a laser beam between them and anything that passes through the middle of this laser beam will get disintegrated. To add a bit of a challenge to the gameplay, the enemy objects spawn and move around the arena to the beat of the music, creating new sound effects to add to the rhythm and overall melody of the song as you dodge, fight and destroy your opposition. You will also be able to link the two diamond laser streams together to create devastating special power moves that will wipe out all the enemies on the screen.

I’m not entirely sure how the co-op mode works, but I am interested in seeing more of this game and everything it has to offer.

Tthe graphics have a minimalist, geometry themed art style that reminds me of the original Asteroids game, but for modern day times. The below gameplay trailer showcases what Modsork has to offer, so check out the video that I linked down below.

Modsork is currently looking to get Greenlight for Steam by the community, and then plans to start an Early Access phase after that to fix the game’s balance before officially launching for a 2017 release date.

If you are interested in learning more about Modsork, you can visit the provided link to cast your vote for Steam Greenlight, or visit the official Modsork website for additional details.

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