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1429320cookie-checkMog’s Mixtape, Fan Tribute Features Remixed Final Fantasy Music

Mog’s Mixtape, Fan Tribute Features Remixed Final Fantasy Music

Mog’s Mixtape, a new album spanning 30 different artists and over two hours of music has released onto digital music distributors recently, featuring remixed tunes from Final Fantasy I all the way up to Final Fantasy XIV.

The new mixtape is a loving tribute put together by fans who absolutely love Final Fantasy. The covers span some of the most popular songs, as well as some of the more rare and beloved titles from the composers who helped shape the musical history of Square’s illustrious franchise.

The project was orchestrated and put together by the passionate music community of GameLark. Allen Brasch, GameLark creator and manager, explained in the press release the passion behind the project and what it means for the Final Fantasy community, saying…

“Given the sheer amount of music on the album, it made sense to separate this into two distinct musical journeys,” “The first disc is a more light-hearted affair with battle themes and beautiful soundscapes, while the second presents a more arduous journey and ends with the ‘Game Over’ theme. No matter how you decide to listen to this album, the works of Nobuo Uematsu and other composers will come to life in captivating ways.”

Words are cheap, though. When it comes to music gamers are going to need to hear it to believe it, and so GameLark tossed out a teaser video featuring some of the music from Mog’s Mixtape. You can check it out below.

The teaser video featuring the battle music from Final Fantasy VI remixed by 130Grit Studio. They also have Triforcefilms’ Battle at the Big Bridge from Final Fantasy V in acapella. Eruyt Village from Final Fantasy XII gets a jazzy makeover by Hashel05, while SisteenInMono and BlackearacheXD take on the Fight with Seymour from Final Fantasy X featuring a heavy metal guitar remix.

The mixtape is available for $13.99 on iTunes, Spotify and LOUDR.

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