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1428690cookie-checkMonster Hunter Frontier Z Open Beta For PS4 Starts October 19th

Monster Hunter Frontier Z Open Beta For PS4 Starts October 19th

Capcom will hold an Open Beta test for Monster Hunter Frontier Z that will be playable on the PS4. This event will take place on October 19th and will end on October 24th. This information comes in courtesy of Monster Hunter Frontier Z official website.

According to the main site for Monster Hunter Frontier Z, the Open Beta will be for PS4, which is an attempt by Capcom to bring the game for PC, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U and Xbox 360 to the current PS4 platform. The Open Beta will only run for five days.

However, the demo is only available for Japan. Those seeking to play the Open Beta, or in search of more information regarding the Open Beta, can do so on Monster Hunter Frontier Z‘s official site.

For those that like to get into special downloads and other exclusive things, there’s a special application ticket that is now available for Frontier Z by heading on over to the Japanese PlayStation Store.

Upon downloading the ticket before the start of the beta, folks will receive a new item. This item is known as the Beta Knife (light) one-handed sword. Adding on to the content, if you are a PlayStation Plus subscriber who download the special application ticket you will also receive the Dusk Series armor.

In case you are wondering, the pre-load for the Open Beta won’t last forever like the Open Beta itself. The former will end on October 12th, while the latter is set to end on October 24th.

As of now Monster Hunter Frontier Z is out for PC, PS3, PS Vita, Wii U and Xbox 360. If you wish to play the older Monster Hunter game on your PS4, you can play test the Open Beta starting on October 19th until October 24th. Frontier Z is set to drop officially for PS4 on November 22nd. For more information on the game you can hit up

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