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1425280cookie-checkMonster Hunter Generations Free DLC Includes Strider And Star Fox Outfits

Monster Hunter Generations Free DLC Includes Strider And Star Fox Outfits

Monster Hunter Generations is known for cross-overs, and this time around we get two cross-overs. Standing as free DLC, both Star Fox and Strider’s outfits arrive in the giant monster hunting game as part of the monthly DLC release for the Nintendo 3DS.

Fans of the Monster Hunter series should know that cross-overs aren’t something strange, and are very common. We saw this with Marth from Fire Emblem, Link from the Legend of Zelda and so on.

This free DLC joins the monthly first Friday ritual that Capcom submits to fans, which brings some pretty sweet stuff aside from costumes to equip.

The DLC also bring harder monsters to challenge, this includes the Hyper Blangonga and Deviljho. These monsters must be hunted to obtain the F-Blaster, F-Fox set, Hiryu set and Light Sword Cipher.

To participate in these great battles, players will have to take up the (High) quests Star Fox: Battle at Arctic Ridge and Strider: Frozen Mission. The two quests will provide all the listed awards above, and whatever each boss holds.

The first video up shows Star Fox’s entry. As of course, the courageous fox appears as a Felyne suit so get ready to hear a lot of purring and meowing. The video comes in by Nintendo UK and can be seen below.

The moon destroying, god slaying ultimate ninja who can’t be hit by shadow bullets, Strider Hiryu, makes an appearance below. Wielding the high pitch sounding Light Sword Cipher (that can destroy nearly anything), his glory can be caught below once again by Nintendo UK.

Joining all of the aforesaid is a new Guild Card Background celebrating the launch of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. With that said, it’s best to make sure to get this free DLC if you have Monster Hunter Generations for your 3DS.

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