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Monster Hunter Stories Demo Download Now Available For 3DS

Capcom has dropped some new information pertaining to one of my favorite series, Monster Hunter. Set to launch officially next month for Nintendo 3DS on October 8th, Monster Hunter Stories’ demo is now available to play over in Japan. The demo not only provides a taste of the actual game but grants additional content for the full release upon playing it.

Arriving with some new screenshots along with the demo, we get to see more monsters and other characters that will be in the game. But before posting up all of the new images, let’s look at the contents inside the demo.

Quest Mode and Tournament Mode will be evident in the demo. Like the other demos for Monster Hunter games, Quest Mode puts players in the story mode and provides a few things to do while hunting a giant creature. As for Tournament Mode you will be able to take on the SP (or single player) mode and partake in the Challenge Cup.

Those who play the demo will be given the Rider costume for Nabiru, which transfers over to the full version of Stories. Capcom has already released the downloadable demo for Monster Hunter Stories, which is currently on the Nintendo eShop in Japan.

if you are leery about getting the demo and seek to get a better look at the upcoming MH game, a full hour long video by Apex Gaming shows a bevy amount of gameplay below.

If the video above was not enough, some new screenshots roll in showing more in-game footage. These screens show more characters and monsters as seen below.

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If you are as excited as I am for this game, the official Japanese demo is up and currently available to download over on the Nintendo eShop right now. Monster Hunter Stories is set to release for the Nintendo 3DS on October 8th.

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