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1423210cookie-checkMonster Hunter Stories Gains Two Trailers Showing Barioth And Rathalos

Monster Hunter Stories Gains Two Trailers Showing Barioth And Rathalos

Monster Hunter fans, like me, now have two videos to rejoice over that show mountable beasts like  Barioth And Rathalos. Like the previous videos released by Capcom, we see where these two creatures shine in their traveling and offensive stage. Monster Hunter Stories currently is set to hit Japan on October 8th for Nintendo 3DS, while the West holds no release date yet.

Even without a Western release date we still get to see even more monsters in the trailer, which isn’t a bad thing at all. The videos not only show the offensive side of each of the two new beasts, but also helpful traits that they can use around and about the field.

In addition to the above, we see the Barioth bashing rocks in so that a new path is open to travel  at the player’s leisure, which seems like a good short-cut creator. Looking over to the bigger and new Rathalos, folks will be able to hop on its back to fly across the field to other places quicker. The Rathalos also hones the ability to spit fire balls at its enemies, opting as a well versed pet to own.

Before jumping into the videos, I do have to say that this game is looking pretty cool to be a 3DS game. It’s currently shaping up to be interesting with its mechanics across the tamable animals and the fighting system.

If this game seems interesting to you, two video sit below showing the Barioth and Rathalos in action. You can check them both out courtesy of CapcomChannel.

As seen above, the latter video reveals egg hatching, which I’m sure players will be able to find them on incursions around the Monster Hunter world. I’m sure the eggs and missions will also add to the “Stories” of the game, with different activities that await the player in various quests and random encounters.

As noted above, Monster Hunter Stories is set to come out over in Japan on October 8th, which will be for the 3DS. As for Western fans, they will have to wait until the team reveals the release date.

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