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Monster Hunter: Stories Gameplay Videos Show New Battle System And Abilities

As noted before in a previous post regarding Monster Hunter: Stories, we will be getting daily videos until the game’s official release. However, today, Capcom shows Stories‘ battle system and abilities in two new video trailers. The game is set to drop on October 8th for the Nintendo 3DS.

The first video up for Monster Hunter Stories covers the new battle system that is a staple feature in the game, which grants EXP, new loot and many other good stuff. Additionally the battle system uses a three-way deadlock attack method that is supported by power, speed and technique.

Enemies also use the three-way deadlock system to enable an actual back and forth fight, opposite of some games with bad balancing and rough end-game mechanics. This method brings forth a ‘rock paper scissors’ system, and sees technique attacks beating out speed attacks, speed attacks beating out power attacks, and power attacks beating out technique attacks.

Weapons from previous entries in the MH series will also be evident in battles like the Great Sword, One-handed Sword, the Hammer and the Hunting Horn. Most weapons and armor can be purchased to strengthen your stats to help better your odds in battle, or you can find them throughout quests, or by scavenging.

You can check out the video trailer below covering the new battle system.

Moreover, the Otomon (monsters) have a number of a limited field abilities that include the ride function, honey detection, stealth movement, underground travel, magma movement and “fight” action.

As for battle techniques, Otomons can use active skills like effects, normal attacks, double actions with your character, and mini-game attacks that determine if you or the enemy wins by pressing a button rapidly. Some moves listed in the above can drain a bar called “Kizuna Gauge”, while other moves fill the bar up. You can use an ultimate attack on formidable opponents after the Kizuna Gauge is filled to the top.

The aforesaid can be seen below in another Monster Hunter: Stories daily video trailer, as seen below.

For those who are interested in Capcom’s latest spin on the Monster Hunter series, better known as Stories, the game is currently set to drop for the Nintendo 3DS on October 8th.

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