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1425610cookie-checkMonster Hunter Stories New Screenshots Show More Monsters And Outfits

Monster Hunter Stories New Screenshots Show More Monsters And Outfits

Capcom recently released some new screenshots showing more rideable monsters and outfits that will be in the upcoming game in the series. Monster Hunter Stories is set to come out for the Nintendo 3DS over in Japan this October.

If you don’t know, Jump magazine has been working with the Monster Hunter games for some time now. Additionally, this means that Monster Hunter Stories will be getting a new traditional pirate outfit from Jump, which is seen on the first screenshots at the very bottom.

As of course, this collaboration only means that more outfits are to come later down the line for folks to fiddle around with, when the game drops early next month.

While waiting for new costumes to appear from Jump, and maybe others, Capcom recently sent out a slew of new screenshots revealing the new Monster Hunter outfits and creatures. Although we’ve seen most of the mounts, these screenshots provide a better look at them all.

In addition to the monsters, we get to see the Otomon in action. This includes them spitting fire, flying in the air and performing other special abilities while a player is riding on them.

Before revealing any of the new screenshots, it’s also noted that the “Otomon Expedition” mode will be present in this game. This mode allows players to travel around the world in search of treasure and resources. You can catch this feature and more in the screenshots below.

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I’m quite curious about this game and can’t wait to see some long gameplay footage, or test a demo for Monster Hunter Stories. Being a fan of the other games, I’m hoping this one will bring the same MH fun like some of the other previous titles.

Lastly, the game doesn’t hold a western release date just yet. As for its Japanese release, the game is set to drop on October 8th for the 3DS.

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