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Monster Hunter World Guide: How To Find And Defeat Kulve Taroth

Capcom’s latest free update for Monster Hunter World includes the Elder Dragon, Kulve Taroth, located in a brand new cavern for players to explore. If you need a little help getting started and defeating the dragon, there’s a guide available.

YouTuber Gingy put together a walkthrough guide just over 10 minutes that explains how to track down and defeat Kuvle Taroth.

Basically, while you’re out on an investigation search through the forests for tracks. Your scout will identify a blue trail that will put you on Kulve Taroth’s path.

Gingy suggests searching the Ancient Forest for the tracks. Once you follow the tracks to Taroth’s lair, go talk to the commander NPC at the base camp, who will have a mission for you, so you can put together a hunting party and duke it out with the Elder Dragon.

It’s suggested that players acquire some teammates because the boss is very difficult. Be sure to bring plenty of mega potions with you into battle, and be sure to bring plenty of HP pots, powder and items for your teammates, so that everyone can get a boost when the going gets tough. The idea is that you need to go into the fight with a team-based mentality. Unless you’re a max level with the greatest gear available in the game, soloing just isn’t an option for most players. Also be sure to bring cool drinks when you reach the lava area.

So the main objective, if you want the best outcome, is to break off Taroth’s horns. You’ll gain some good research out of it and some new gear.

First and foremost, however, is to attack Kulve Taroth’s body. Use the cannons strategically positioned around the Caverns of El Dorado.

You can also use long-range weapons to whittle down Taroth’s body armor until you see gray marks stretched across her scales.

You can also use some of the boulders on the ceiling to crush Taroth.

Once you deal enough damage, Taroth will let out a roar and move on to the next area. Be sure to track down Kulve Taroth to the next area.


In the opening you’ll have a much better chance to fight Taroth honestly. Here, she’ll begin to use a variety of attacks against you, including rolling around.

If you have a long range weapon then focus on staying back and shooting from a distance. If you have a close range weapon, get in close and begin attacking her body once she completes the roll.

If you’re in the middle of an attack while she starts to roll, proceed to sheath your weapons as quickly as possible and dive out of the way to avoid being crushed.

Taroth also has a headbutt attack she’ll use if you’re standing directly in front of her. So be sure to roll to the side because the headbutt can come out of nowhere. This also applies to Taroth’s fire-breathing attack. The move comes out of nowhere.

You will get a slight indication of when Taroth is about to breath fire when she makes a galumph head movement and then sprays out a stream of fire. This is usually done for those near her shoulder area or standing in front of her. So the best thing to do is actually align with her so that you’re facing her and then roll toward the back of her body so that you avoid getting hit with the fire.

Now just because you go near her hind quarters does not mean you’re safe.


Taroth also has a tail-whipping attack that you’ll need to dodge.

The tail-whip has a long range on it and before she uses it she’ll look over her shoulder and ready her stance before whipping it. The best course of action is to actually run forward toward her front legs, just ahead of her shoulders to avoid being whipped.

If you’re too far back and can’t move up in time, it’s best to simply get as much distance as you can from her once you see that she looks behind her and prepares to ready her tail for the attack.

There’s also a claw swipe, which can easily be dodged, and she also has a ground stomp.


Now in between these attacks, keep attacking her body and tail to remove the scales and armor. Once her life is halfway down her entire body will turn molten and the body-based attacks will do double damage, so steer clear and continue to use chipaway attacks.

Once her outer layer armor is removed, the boss fight will proceed into the third stage of the fight, which is located in a lava pit.

Here you’ll need to use the cool drinks to avoid being overtaken by the lava.

You can bait Taroth into the fire pits to do more damage to her body and remove the armor. Once all her golden armored scales are removed, she will escape into the last part of the fight, where she no longer has the armor coating, but can move much quicker.

Taroth’s nimbleness will allow her to move faster, which can be very dangerous.

She also has a new AOE fire-breathing attack where she’ll raise to her hind legs and spray the area with fire.

Retrieving Kulve Taroth’s Horns

Now Gingy mentions that during the final part of the battle you will be able to win without killing Taroth. However, your main focus should be on cutting off her horns, so focus your attacks on her head. If you’re successful, you’ll be able to retrieve the horns and obtain the rewards from the Kulve Taroth Siege quest.

As mentioned in the video, you’ll receive some really high-level gear from the siege if you retrieve the horns during the siege.

You’ll need plenty of golden scales and shells to craft the Kulve Taroth helmet, cuirass, and legs. In total you’ll need about 25 shells and nuggets to create an entire set of items.

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