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1452820cookie-checkMonument Valley 2, Zen-Like Puzzle Game Arrives On Mobile Devices

Monument Valley 2, Zen-Like Puzzle Game Arrives On Mobile Devices

A mobile sleeper hit that managed to make waves on mobile devices a while back was Ustwo Games’ Monument Valley. The game originally launched back in early 2014, instantly becoming a surprise hit despite having a rather odd take on the traditional mobile design. The game’s art-style relied on M.C. Escher-inspired architectural artwork, and focused on putting players in situations where they had to solve puzzles in a zen-like atmosphere.

Well, the team is back at it again with Monument Valley 2, which recently launched on mobile devices. The game centers around a mother and her child as they take the journey through an illusionary architectural adventure themed around discovering the secrets and hidden meanings behind the Sacred Geometry.

There’s a really cool chillstep trailer featuring some of the geometrical artwork, animated designs, and logic puzzles that players will encounter while playing through Monument Valley 2. You can check it out below.

Now obviously if you aren’t into art-puzzle games, you don’t have a penchant for chillstep music, and you don’t really give a rat’s brown dumping ground orifice about mobile games, then you probably won’t care that Monument Valley 2 is available right now for only $4.99 over on the iTunes App Store.

Now if you do give two pounds of a sack of ground beef about architecturally inspired puzzle games with muted colors and minimalistic palettes, then you might actually enjoy Monument Valley 2.

Obviously the game is going to have a certain level of limited appeal given that it doesn’t rely on the typical microtransactions like an EA or Activision game; it also isn’t one of those one-and-done lo-fi games like Flappy Bird that will easily appeal to the masses; and it’s not one of those click-bait games like the kind that King Entertainment makes that allowed them to become billionaires. Anyway, the game is available for those interested in it.

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