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1425520cookie-checkMother Russia Bleeds, Ultra-Violent Beat-‘Em-Up Is Now Available

Mother Russia Bleeds, Ultra-Violent Beat-‘Em-Up Is Now Available

Craving a real beat-’em-up game that hearkens back to the violence and gore from the old arcade days? You know, before America turned into a politically correct atmosphere with safe-space nannies perpetuating Frankfurt Marxism from their press podiums. Well, if you enthusiastically answered “Yes!” then you’ll definitely enjoy Mother Russia Bleeds from French gaming studio, Le Cartel Studio.

Devolver Digital is handling the publishing rights to the game, and managed to get it up and out in a timely manner on Steam for $14.99. The game sees players taking on the role of four degenerate brutes who were forced into a drug addition program, but managed to break free and fight against the U.S.S.R. This includes traveling through dens of perversity, underground clubs of masochistic violence, and facing off against the drug-addled hordes of Russia’s organized crime syndicate. You can see what the game is like with the launch trailer below.

That is one of the sickest, coolest, most uncompromisingly badass launch trailers I’ve ever seen. If that didn’t make you want to play Mother Russia Bleeds then there’s no hope for you at all… none. Well, maybe if you go on a camping trip with Putin and he wrestles and rides a bear in front of you… it might put hair on your legs, a heft in your chest, and an undying desire to pummel the living crap out of bad guys in Mother Russia Bleeds.

Anyway, the game features four-player online or local cooperative play, lots of sadistic violence, a cool art-style and enough drug-usage to make Australia’s OFLC whimper in a corner, begging for a safe space while their face is drenched in tears and their pants puddled in their own pee.

You can see some actual gameplay in action courtesy of Weasel Zone. Check it out below.

If you want to exact some vengeance in the name of Mother Russia, feel free to pick up a copy from the Steam store and make the bear-riding Putin proud.

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