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1545900cookie-checkMushroom Wars 2 Set For Release On Nintendo Switch July 5th

Mushroom Wars 2 Set For Release On Nintendo Switch July 5th

Zillion Whales announced that the real-time strategy game, Mushroom Wars 2, will make its debut on the Nintendo Switch next month just a day after Independence Day on July 5th.

The hook for the game is that matches are short and fast and designed to take place within the span of minutes. Zillion Whales designed the game so that those on the go could play and enjoy a game like Mushroom Wars 2 while traveling without requiring any deep time investments.

There are over 90 different maps to conquer, and the game supports multiplayer PvP, including cross-platform support for the mobile versions of the game. So there won’t be a fractured multiplayer community when booting up the Switch version.

You can see what the gameplay is like with the launch trailer below.

The gameplay consists of building up resources and bases, and then leading your armies to your opposing team’s base.

There’s kind of fast-paced, Zerg-like quality to the combat, as you’ll amass your armies and then swarm over your enemy’s territory in a bid to wipe out their bases and take over their territory.

In the multiplayer rounds you’ll be able to do four-player free-for-all matches where each player takes on their own mushroom faction, or you can participate in tag-team matches where two players team up to take on two other players.

It’s impossible to tell how well gamers will sink into the gameplay of something like Mushroom Wars 2. It looks like a more rapid-pace, lighthearted version of Pikmin, but without any of the meta game aspects.

There’s definitely more of a mobile quality that comes with a game like Mushroom Wars 2, and I think Nintendo definitely needs to be careful not to just allow too many casual mobile games flood the Switch since it’s important not to give people the impression that it’s basically going to be a shelter for halfway decent Android games.

Anyway, you can look for Mushroom Wars 2 to launch on July 5th next month.

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