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1452890cookie-checkMystery No Man’s Sky Tapes Surface Hinting At Something Big

Mystery No Man’s Sky Tapes Surface Hinting At Something Big

You thought you were done with No Man’s Sky information for the week, eh? Well, no, there seems to be more news pertaining to the space adventure sim game that not only has fans of the game curious but folks outside looking in, too. Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky is out now for PC and PS4.

Recently we learned that Hello Games will release more content for No Man’s Sky. This information explaining that new content is in the works for the space sim comes in by Twitter user Mark Bell, with the user asking whether or not more content was to come in the future lies below.

Well, this now leads to the most recent stir up about No Man’s Sky and some secret tapes being leaked of Sean Murray’s good bits. And no, this has no relation to something you’d find on other sites, but if you came for that kind of stuff here’s some foot fetish for your ostentatious research.

No Mans sky tapes 2

My apologies about the above image, because you know me, I gotta take my jabs when necessary.

Anyway, publication site GameRant found that Reddit user BaRKy1911 noted that Hello Games contacted several mods from No Man’s Sky subreddits some time ago, in which these mods where given “secret tapes”. Now all of this could be an elaborate joke or it could actually be something for real, however what is noted currently is that there are 16 tapes holding “important information” about No Man’s Sky as seen below.

No Mans sky tapes 3

Would I be shocked if this was all a joke, no. But, this “thing” has been going on for months as seen by another mod named Razgoull who received a tape. The interesting part about this month long stretching “thing” is that another user received this exchange between a Hello Games’s dev.

No Mans sky tapes 5

According to the fans and the publication site, the mods are trying to band all 16 recipients together so the content can all be shared with the community and solved quickly. Below is a Reddit page showing what is know so far.

No Mans sky tapes 4

I’m on the fence here, I’m not saying that it is all true but I’m not saying that it is false. The thing about this promotional stunt seems strange in that why would you build hype like this and not spill the beans in a more concise and legit way so that it does not lead people to thinking “here we go again with Hello Games with No Man’s Sky”. But, then the whole thing has been going on for months and I’ve never witnessed an elaborate joke go on for this long. Another thing, Hello Games was quick to shut down a troll who hacked the team’s official Twitter account and noted that…

So if this whole thing is fake, why would Hello Games not respond to this ongoing month after month “thing” if it were fake? You be the judge, is No Man’s Sky gearing up to reveal something big or are trolls getting the best of the community yet again?

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