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1422880cookie-checkNeoFur, Dynamic Fur Middleware Enters Beta For Unity 3D Users

NeoFur, Dynamic Fur Middleware Enters Beta For Unity 3D Users

Neoglyphic Entertainment announced recently that their middleware plugin solution that’s currently available for the Unreal Engine 4 called NeoFur is now available in open beta for the Unity 3D game engine.

The company announced that developers can make use of the tech and create objects, items and characters with ease while applying a soft fur rendering option that gives the viewers the impression that they’re looking at high-fidelity fur.

Carlos Montero, Neoglyphic Entertainment’s technical art director, explained in the press release what the middleware tech does and how it can help evolve game creation using Unity…

“We look forward to making NeoFur available to studios of any size working with both small and large budgets using the Unity game engine,”


“NeoFur’s solution saves Unity developers time and money while providing breathtaking, believable fur and shag results. We invite developers to experience NeoFur and participate in the open beta via sign-ups on the Neoglyphic Entertainment web site.”

The toolset is designed to enable artists and developers to create “fuzzy” and “fibrous” characters with ease. The NeoFur middleware also optimizes fur renderings so you get fast and and high-quality assets without draining your resource budget.

The company is making use of patent-pending tech that enables them to crate the illusion of millions of strands of fur, with physics-based properties and high-end fur simulation that works for in-game pets, creatures, monsters or even Professor Genki costumes.

The video above gives you a decent idea of what you can use the toolset for and how it can integrate seamlessly into your workflow environment.

Previously if you wanted cool fur effects for your creatures or characters you had to find specific game engines that supported it or use APIs like Nvidia’s HairWorks or create your own custom solutions. With Neoglyphic’s middleware you can create what you need and get back to work on the more important features like bug squashing and optimization.

If you’re a Unity 3D game engine user and you want to make use of the NeoFur middleware plugin, you can do so right now by signing up for the beta over on the official NeoFur website.

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