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1425500cookie-checkNeuroVoider Offers Twinstick Co-op RPG Shooter Action

NeuroVoider Offers Twinstick Co-op RPG Shooter Action

Armored Warriors — AKA Powered gear in Japan, was a side-scrolling arcade cooperative Mech game that I grew up playing with my siblings as a child. It was such a cool concept because you could pick a mech and then further customize its appearance by picking up new items and weapons based on your preference and play-style.

neurovoider review score NeuroVoider is developed by the indie team at Flying Oak Games and published by Plug in Digital. When I first saw NeuroVoider on the Steam store page and saw how the mech customization options worked and that it also supported four player local co-op, I was all in! It takes the similar concept of the above mentioned Armored Warriors, but places the game in a larger Rogue-lite universe.

The story is about Earth’s demise after super evil robots take over the planet and begin to endlessly party day in and day out. And that’s when our heroes awaken from their sleeping tubes, power up their mechs to kick butt and take names to rescue¬†our planet.

Graphically, NeuroVoider follows the 2D retro 90s pixel art style and plays like a twin-stick arcade shooter, with a zoomed out isometric overhead camera angle. There are dozens of mech bodies you can choose from and several different weapons you can loot to equip your mechs with new items. The official trailer that I linked down below, showcases procedural worlds with Rogue-lite elements, mechs with a ton of different options for customization, and four-player co-op action. Take a look at the video below that I linked from the official Flying Oak YouTube channel.

You like the hardcore retro-wave synth music playing in the trailers? The good news is that composer Dan Terminus has done the soundtrack so there is plenty more where that came from.

So far, the review score for NeuroVoider is sitting at a Very Positive review score rating on their Steam Store page, where majority of the players that have purchased the game love it so far for its concept. NeuroVoider officially released on August 32st, 2016, and is currently available now for purchase.

For more information about the game for further details, you can also visit their official website to learn more.

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