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1422280cookie-checkNew Etrian Odyssey V Demo Video Reveals 14 Minutes Of Gameplay

New Etrian Odyssey V Demo Video Reveals 14 Minutes Of Gameplay

Want a better look at Atlus’ fifth implementation in the Etrian Odyssey series? Well, a new demo is currently out for 3DS owners and lets curious gamers test Etrian Odyssey V via the Nintendo eShop over in Japan. The game is set to release in Japan on August 4th, for the Nintendo 3DS.

Etrian Odyssey games always take players for a first person ride through dungeon-like environments, even when you are supposed to be outside. The game is all about dungeon crawling and leveling up your team to usually defeat a big bad boss, which in some games is the Yggdrasil Core (or Prime Evil).

Although the games in the series at first glance seem to be simple or base, they actually hold some deep mechanics with character skills and classes that scale quite well into end-game territory.

I’m not sure if this newest version will keep the Grimoire Stones, which, if done right, they could change the meta of that class into something like a hybrid class. If they keep the Grimoire Stones (and Seven King Grimoire Stones) that would be a nice treat to all the people who played The Millennium Girl, but if they’re not in V that will be a bummer.

Anyways, the near 15 minute gameplay video shows an ample amount of options, characters, the creation option, battles, exploring, the famous map sketching and more. You can check this all out thanks to, and their YouTube channel 4GamesMovie.

I’m really looking forward to playing this version of the game, seeing how Etrian Odyssey games always focus on simple yet complex battle mechanics, and adjustable classes. Furthermore, if you are interested in playing the demo it’s out now over in Japan via the Nintendo eShop.

As noted above, the game is set to come out on August 4th, which will be this Thursday, and will be available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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