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New Video Covers PS5 Dev Kit Buttons, USB Ports And Design

Whether you are a fan of Sony or you are against the company, the latest news surrounding the house of blue’s next-generation console has come forth to tease gamers what might be in store due to a new leaked image of the PS5’s dev kit. This image appears in a video that covers a host of things such as the dev kit’s design, buttons, and more.

As noted above, this is just the dev kit for the PS5. In other words, designs and specs may vary moving forward and might resemble something else, much like the current PS4 and its dev kit.


In other words, if the PS5 retail version barrows some resemblance of the dev kit or if it looks nothing like it all remains a mystery at this point. However, amongst fans of PlayStation, some agree that the V-shaped air-ports will stay while others strongly disagree. Time will tell.

As for hardware buttons, we learn that on the left-hand side of the PS5 dev kit, it has toggles such as “On/Standby,” “Reset,” “Eject,” “System Init,” and “Network Init” on the front.


On the right-hand side, horizontal USB ports sit next to each other with a supposed “button” or “4K camera” above the third USB port.


I’m sure hardcore fans already know this, but for those out of the loop, the video covering the PS5 dev kit also highlights what kind of central processing unit and graphics card the device contains, with the host of the video claiming it has an “AMD Ryzen CPU” and an “AMD Navi GPU.”

If you want more information on the PS5 dev kit, you can check out the following video by ZONEofTECH:

Lastly, the successor to the PS4, PS4 Slim, and PS4 Pro is set to launch Holiday 2020.

(Header image and info courtesy of ZONEofTECH)

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