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1453070cookie-checkNHL 18 Announcement Trailer Announces Full Reveal On June 21st

NHL 18 Announcement Trailer Announces Full Reveal On June 21st

Electronic Arts sent out a new trailer for NHL18 featuring a tease for the upcoming outing for this year’s ice hockey extravaganza. Of course, the teaser trailer is literally just an announcement for the full announcement, which is set to take place on June 21st.

The trailer is only a measly 34 seconds long, but it gives you a brief look at the Frostbite-powered sports title due out later this year for fans of the National Hockey League. You can check out the teaser below.

There isn’t much to the trailer other than showcasing that there’s a check and balance of what to expect from going in to dominate the net and using a number of standard techniques to accomplish one’s goal. But then all of that is thrown right out the window as they show a quick clip of the player dodging, dancing and skating on the ice like a butterfly dodging a bunch of bees while navigating a honeycomb.

Sadly the actual gameplay won’t actually be on display until June 21st. The full gameplay reveal will take place during the NHL Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada.

So far EA has been coasting by on the glory days of their past games, focusing on adding only the necessary items to keep NHL fans invested.

We’ll likely find out if EA is going to introduce something special when they debut the full gameplay reveal near the end of the month two weeks from now.

Fans aren’t very enthused about EA Sports’ NHL 18, thinking that the game will likely be just another copy and paste job from the previous year’s outing.

There’s really no telling if the new game will be like a fresh grape out of the patch or if it’s just going to be a freeze dried raisin. We’ll find out come June 21st.

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