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Nintendo Attractions Coming To Universal Theme Parks

Nintendo and Universal Pictures announced that the Universal Parks and Resorts will soon received themed areas based on Nintendo’s trademark properties.

The joint announcement came via a press release stating that Universal will bring some of Nintendo’s most popular video game brands to life. This includes themed areas in Universal Studios Japan, Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood.

The themed parks will include attractions, rides and shops, along with opportunities to engage in certain events from popular games… but done in real-life.

They plan on targeting the theme parks to groups of all ages and different attractions will be available at the different Universal parks around the world. They plan on opening up each of the attractions over the course of the next few years.

They let loose a minute and a half long promotional trailer to remind people of what’s at stake.

Disney and Nintendo connecting just seems like common sense. A lot of people have oftentimes compared Disney and Nintendo, saying that the latter is like the video game version of the former. Having their properties appear at the Universal Parks could turn out to be proper if they’re handled right, and they’ll still be part of the Disney theme park experience.

Ubisoft not too long ago also announced that they would be opening up theme parks as well. So it looks like we’ll get to see which brand will stand out more in the real world between Super Mario and Assassin’s Creed and the Raving Rabbids. My money is on Nintendo.

Anyway, they have plans on revealing more information about the new theme park attractions at a later date. It doesn’t sound as if everything will be done and ready until maybe 2018 or 2019. You’ll have to wait for more info regarding details on the actual attractions but expect many of the big name brands to make an appearance.

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