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1540330cookie-checkNintendo Looking To Hire A Level Designer For The Legend Of Zelda Series

Nintendo Looking To Hire A Level Designer For The Legend Of Zelda Series

Nintendo has posted up a new “level designer” job listing related to The Legend of Zelda series. However, information about the level designer position has sparked a discussion whether it will be for the Switch or for mobile devices.

Publication site has posted up a piece that touches on Nintendo looking for a person to fill in a new level designer position to help with The Legend of Zelda series.

The publication site goes on to say that it will be a “new Zelda game,” but the question that many gamers and fans alike want to know is, will this new Zelda game be for the Nintendo Switch or for mobile devices?

The discussion about what platform this new game in question will make a debut on can be traced back to Twitter user BlackKite. The tweet picked up by VG Culture HQ relaying the information that Nintendo is looking for a level designer for The Legend of Zelda series can be found right here:

When BlackKite was polity questioned whether this job listing was for the mobile version of The Legend of Zelda, he replied with the following information:

Another user trying to figure out whether or not the Switch falls into the mobile category received the following reply from BlackKite:

Furthermore, it looks like this level designer job is likely for the Switch and not for mobile devices. However, we will only know if this game is actually for the Switch when Nintendo makes an official disclosure.

If you want to play detective and figure out more information on the level designer position and this “new Legend of Zelda title,” you can head on over to

With all of that said, what kind of new Zelda game would you like to see Nintendo release in the future?

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