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No Man’s Sky Refunds Being Offered Beyond Two-Hour Limit

[Update 8/28/2016: A notice has been posted up on the No Man’s Sky Steam page indicating there are no special exemptions for the refunds of No Man’s Sky, as reported by PC Invasion. Nevertheless, the site notes that if you are still unsatisfied with your purchase and have exceeded two hours of play, feel free to use the ticket system.]

[Original article:] Reports are starting to come in across a number of websites and from various users claiming that they’ve been able to get refunds for No Man’s Sky no matter the amount of time they invested into the game.

The Inquisitr has one of the most detailed and thorough articles about the series of events leading up to the game’s release, the disappointment by fans, and the news about the refunds being offered for those who have played the game for more than two hours.

However, as reported by TechRaptor, you cannot get refunds for No Man’s Sky using the automatic refund method. The automatic method limits your playtime to two hours, thus denying anyone who has more than two hours on their account from getting a refund for the game.

However, on the Steam discussion thread, user Whewlad! points out that you should not use the automatic refund system to get a refund for No Man’s Sky, but instead use the support ticket system. He explains in the thread titled “Steps Necessary For Refund: Read This!”…

“The automated system is just that. Automated. If you are past what it considers the ‘ Refund Point ‘, which is two hours, you will not recieve a refund. But, with the current announcement by Steam, you may recieve a refund for this game, for ANY REASON, should you go through the support ticket system itself, type out your request for a refund, and send it in.”

Many outlets are reporting that getting a refund for No Man’s Sky from Sony (for those who purchased it through the PlayStation Store) is quite difficult. However, Amazon and GameStop are accommodating some gamers on a case-by-case basis.

A similar thing happened with Batman: Arkham Knight, where the game seemed to stay perpetually broken and Warner Bros., simply offered to refund gamers even though the two hour limit had most certainly expired.

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