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1425760cookie-checkOne Sole Purpose: Futuristic Time-Altering FPS Seeks Greenlight Approval

One Sole Purpose: Futuristic Time-Altering FPS Seeks Greenlight Approval

One Sole Purpose is developed by the indie team MorningWhiskey. Before we get into the game, I’m going to quickly recap the story since it actually plays a part in the gameplay.One Sole Purpose takes place in the future as you travel across several different planets. Michael is the main protagonist, a medical doctor that has been infected by a deadly disease and he only has about a year to survive.

Michael decides to go visit his brother Sameer, a well known engineer that has developed special combat suits that are able to harness powerful energy that allows them to greatly enhance human combat abilities by manipulating time, space, and human strength. However, the suit was designed to only manipulate one ability at a time; for example, one suit could use teleportation, while another suit might be able to slow down time.


Michael finds out that his brother Sameer has been missing for close to six years now. A special task force was sent to find him, but never returned. With nothing to lose, Michael goes on a journey to look for Sameer and requests a suit for his task. Michael ends up accidentally teleporting inside of a chamber filled with powerful energy and gets caught in a deadly explosion. Instead of dying, Michael finds that he is still alive, and now, he can use every single time and space altering ability within a single suit. Fearing that his brother’s life might be in danger, Michael now has One Sole Purpose, and uses his new found abilities to go on his quest to find Sameer.

The developers say that they will be mixing different elements into One Sole Purpose, saying that the game will have action, adventure and bouts of horror. As the story above suggests, you will be able to alter and manipulate time and space to your advantage, giving you the abilities to slow down time, teleport, and manipulate physics to your advantage. They also say that you will be able to upgrade your abilities with different types of energy so that you can adjust your suit and abilities to your play style.

One Sole Purpose will offer about 20 different enemy types, high quality graphics and a variety of different environments, as well as vehicles and turret guns that you will be able to operate to assist you in traveling and taking out enemies. Check out the trailer down below that the developers uploaded that gives a small glimpse of the story, while also showcasing combat and a few different environments.

One Sole Purpose so far is scheduled for an early 2017 release date and they promise that the story has some really great moments that will hook you. For now, if you would like to see more you can visit their Steam Greenlight page to cast your vote, see additional videos and screenshots, and to learn more about the universe of One Sole Purpose.

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